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"I'm 17 and have over 100 college credits. People think I must be some kind of genius, but I'm the farthest thing from that. Lumerit Scholar makes it so accessible to learn. Any average person can do this, it just takes motivation. I would recommend Lumerit Scholar to people of any age."

Marli Tague, High School student and Lumerit Scholar

Your degree. Your way. | (866) 989-5432

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Credits Guaranteed to Transfer

Not all college credit is created equal. And colleges can be picky about what credit they’ll take. But we guarantee transferability–ensuring your student’s college credit is right for their future degree at their future college (before they take their first course).

Integrates with Homeschool Curricula

Don’t part with your current curriculum if you don’t want to. Lumerit Scholar can help raise your student’s current curriculum to a college level. Or, skip high school completely by including more all-inclusive college courses into their study plan. It’s up to you!

Students Learn at Their Pace

Why should your student be forced to learn at the pace of the slowest student? Lumerit Scholar allows them to attack college with the same flexibility of homeschooling. Every course is self-paced, which means they can play to their strengths.

Lumerit Education is dedicated to making college affordable and flexible for students by helping them earn transferable college credit. With the added benefits of skill training and fully-customized degree planning, we've helped over 10,000 students reach success through our program in the past 12 years.

About Lumerit Education

Combine High School


What courses can your student earn college credit for? Download a free course catalog to find out!

Download a Course Catalog

Swap your student's high school curriculum for affordable dual credit courses that won't break the bank.

You can start college while still in high school.

The Academic Consultation

We help your student think about the future—their goals for college and beyond, your budget, and any possible colleges they're considering.

The Degree Plan

Then we'll use this information to help them create their college plan, finding out exactly which high school subjects they can replace with college courses.



And College.


The Coaching

Your student will meet with an Academic Coach twice a month. The coach's job is to keep tabs on your student's progress and provide support and guidance when needed.

Lumerit Scholar makes dual credit simple. So simple, in fact, that we can break the process down into 4 steps...


Does dual credit make it harder for my student to get into college?

Does my student need SAT/ACT scores?

Do you accept financial aid?

Does Lumerit Scholar require any additional materials (coursebooks, etc.)?

When can my student start?

Not at all! In fact, colleges love transfer students. Given that most students enter college at the freshman level, completing up to three years of college credits before enrollment can set your student above the crowd. 

No. We don’t require standardized test scores for your student to start studying college courses. Instead, one of our Admissions Advisors will speak with your student about their academics to ensure Lumerit Scholar is a good fit for your family.

Lumerit Scholar is firmly anti-debt. We do not accept financial aid or government loans. Instead, we offer competitively-priced courses and flexible payment options. You'll be able to choose the package that's best or you and pay-as-you-go. No debt required!

No extra materials needed! Each Lumerit Scholar course comes with everything your student will require—book, exams, lectures (if applicable)—all in one neat bundle. If like your current high school curriculum and would like to utilize those materials, we can make that work too! Just talk to your student's Academic Advisor to learn more.

Now! We're currently accepting students for the fall semester, so it's definitely not too late. Interested for next semester (or later)? Give us a call at (866) 989-5432 and talk with your Admissions Advisor about the best time for your student to start.











Is Lumerit Scholar a college?


We're not a college. But Lumerit Scholar does help your student take regionally accredited college courses. Ultimately, your student will earn their degree from their chosen university. We simply help them earn that degree more quickly, saving thousands of dollars on the way. 




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We offer one of the most affordable, flexible, and customizable college programs out there. Lumerit Scholar is so flexible that it fits perfectly into your high school curriculum.

Finish high school with your first 30 college credits and start college as a sophomore (or even a junior)!

The first two years of college are essentially a review of high school. They’re so similar, in fact, that you can actually replace your final high school courses with your beginning college courses.

This makes Lumerit Scholar a perfect choice for Dual Credit students.

Lumerit Scholar is a college program customized to you—your personality, your learning style, your life trajectory. The program integrates self-paced courses, personal coaching, and career planning, empowering you to reach your educational and life goals without the time constraints and debt burden of traditional college.

What is Lumerit Scholar?

What does it look like?

The Transfer

Then we'll help your student will transfer their credit into their chosen college with zero hassle. By this time, your student will have completed 1-4 semesters of college!


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