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Lumerit is a college program that helps you earn your bachelor’s degree without sacrificing the freedom you need to live your life. We cut college down to the essentials—the education you need to reach your life goals. By cutting the college “extras,” Lumerit allows you to spend less time—and money—on school and more time preparing for your future. 

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Start your fall semester off strong with the Lumerit Scholarship. See if you qualify!

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"Through the Lumerit program, I was able to graduate in a short amount of time. [And] the flexibility allowed me to work part time. I'm better equipped because of the experiences I've had with the Lumerit program."

- Chelsea Monroe

"The Lumerit program gave me the tools and credentials to pursue what I'm passionate about.

- Jeffery Reid

"I had 86 college credits I had earned previously, and I had a desire to finish. But didn't know how to go about doing that. The Lumerit program offered what I needed to help me know which steps to take next to complete my degree. It worked around my lifestyle which is extremely busy."

- Nancy Beswick

Lumerit gives you a proven plan to reduce your college expenses and graduate faster.

Want to graduate debt free

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Want a flexible college schedule

Want to be surrounded by an exceptional, motivated community

Want to use their degree to get ahead in life

Get Your $2,000 

Lumerit Scholarship 

Start your fall semester off strong with the Lumerit Scholarship. See if you qualify!

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