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"Lumerit was so much better than traditional school. I was able to graduate without any debt in a short amount of time... work part time... [and] study abroad. I'm now able to move forward with life and I'm better equipped because of the experiences I've had with Lumerit."

Chelsea Monroe, Lumerit Student

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Not the Degree

Earn credit first, enroll later

You can save thousands of dollars by taking affordable courses before enrolling in college.

Thousands of ways to earn credit 

Take advantage of our catalog of 40,000+ courses and flexible credit-earning methods.

Your own team of experts

You'll work with a team of experts dedicated to help you succeed in college.

Graduate faster, on your schedule

We'll help you find flexible course options that match your learning style, and help you graduate faster.

Unbiased College Selection

We don't receive compensation from colleges or universities, which allows us to be completely unbiased when helping you choose a college that's best for you.

You won't be tied to a classroom. You'll have the ability to travel, intern, volunteer, and still earn a degree. Welcome to a truly personalized and flexible college experience.


Ditch the Classroom

Complete college faster, on your schedule, from anywhere in the world, and save thousands doing it.

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Complete college faster, on your schedule, from anywhere in the world, and save thousands doing it.

Hidden costs of courses

Colleges and universities have more expenses than just your course materials. Campuses and sports stadiums are massive expenses. Use the world as your campus to save thousands of dollars on unnecessary overhead costs.

...from anywhere in the world

...from anywhere in the world

Ditch the Classroom

Not the Degree

Your degree. Your way.