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Whether you are earning an associate or bachelor's degree, getting started earning credit is simple. Your counselor will help you take the first step. 

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Your counselor will present you with a comprehensive college cost comparison that will display your college options and pricing details for each college. 

Meet with an Academic Counselor to discuss your unique goals, timetable, and budget. 

With the unbiased support of your counselor, you will be empowered to choose the right educational path for you.

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“I worked for Chick-fil-A for over 2 years. Once I was out of high school, I worked about 45 hours a week. I wanted to earn my bachelor’s degree, but I wanted to keep working full time too. Lumerit Scholar fit my schedule perfectly.

Lumerit Scholar helped me fit school around my busy work schedule. When many of my co-workers had to cut their work hours for college, I was still there every day at the same time. I think my managers really liked that consistency. Even after I was promoted to Night Shift Manager, I was able to continue my school at a normal pace while keeping up five 9-hour shifts a week.”

 Choose the Right College for You

This program will help you compare schools and choose the college that's best for you. Here are two examples of college cost comparisons students received for schools they were interested in attending. Feel free to download the full reports. These are real reports generated for real students.

BS/BA Ag Degrees


BSBA Degrees

Get a free quote with an advisor

Together, you'll discuss:

1. The degree you want

2. Transfer credit

3. School Options

4. Graduation timeline

5. Degree cost


Review your quote


Once your advisor sends you your quote, you’ll have some choices to make. You’ll need to decide on which school/degree combo will work the best for you. Your advisor will help you review pricing, your future degree cost, and your total savings options. Once you decide, you’ll move on to step 3.

Pick your courses


Your advisor will show you all the course options for your degree. You’ll get to pick from a plethora of options for your free and general elective requirements, and form a list of qualifying courses for your core and major requirements.

Earn transfer credit


Congrats, you have all 120 credits of your degree planned and you’re now ready to execute. You’ll complete courses on your plan and earn as many transfer credits as your school allows for your degree (typically 30-90 credits or 1-3 years of schooling). Once there are no more credits to earn outside of your school, you’ll begin the enrollment process.

Enroll in your school


We’ll help you transfer all of your earned credits straight into your school, and we guarantee 100% of them transfer. Once you’re enrolled at your university, you’ll continue on the plan you created in step 3 and start taking courses directly through your school.



After all of your courses are complete, you’ll be all set to graduate. Your graduation date can be the standard 4 years after you start step 1, but you can also graduate in as little as 2 years. That’s the beauty of being a Lumerit Scholar. You get to do college a better way. Your way.

Abigail Endsley

Lumerit Scholar

You could save 30-50% at more than 1,000 colleges and universities

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As a Future Farmer of America, you are eligible to receive an automatic $1,000 college scholarship from Lumerit Scholar.

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We have partnered with the most trusted name in education (Pearson) to show our alumni how they can earn their associate or bachelor's degree faster, on their schedule, without debt. 

This $300 benefit is provided free of charge to all FFA Alumni members.

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Need Help Deciding On A College?

Discover a powerful new program that will help you choose the best college, avoid student loans, and graduate faster.

Need Help Deciding On A College?

Discover a powerful new program that will help you choose the best college, avoid student loans, and graduate faster.

How it Works

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Adult Learners

Ready to start college for the first time? Looking to finish your degree quickly and efficiantly while working full time? We can help!

If you have transfer credit and are worried about your ability to transfer that credit into a viable degree program, we can help! 

Transfer Students

Looking to avoid student loans and graduate with your degree quickly and efficiently? We can help!

Incoming Freshmen